Dec 25, 2016

Northeast Santa Catarina uphills....many many different looks in there.

This Dyckia field  is just less than 50km from my home.
It is a magic place located by a bushman 16 years ago and since then I´ve being following it.
This last winter this place was assaulted by illegal hunters and they deliberately set  the Dyckia clumps afire. Many many plants were burnt to ashes. You can see some traces of this  burning on these pictures. Dyckia do resist in some extent to the super rare natural fires and they are very fast one. In this case just the dead old leaves are burned.

This place is a Dyckia complex and the expert botanists all have a particular point of view about it.
many many forms live together and are still inter crossing.
We see all sort of flowers, petal colors and forms. It is an inclined rock and the individuals  that live down This rock field are the most modern ones for seeds are now spread by strong winds and heavy rain waters. It is a place to be studied and understood.
The experts say, Dyckia croccea, Dyckia monticola, Dyckia tuberosa and some say they do not now. I stay put with the last ones.

The safest to say here is: it is gorgeous beautiful!

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