Dec 23, 2016

Dyckia delicata in the base of the Tomba Bodes, missed by the cotias who feed on delicata.

Those beads we see close to the plants are  small coconuts eaten by a wild animal who spread the palm everywhere, the guaraxain:
It is our wild fox. It feeds on the palm fruits and the small coconuts are found in its feces.

Pictures taken from a bit up the hill. This plants is a miracle. It was missed by the eager cotias.
...for how long?
It lives right whre the fern field ends (or begins). It is growing in between three small trees.
I think this is a fallen plant.I think the bush tree prevented it from fallen down into the ferns field and it rooted and got stabilished there, it did not germinated where it is but somewhere up from there.
 It is a rubra one.
The fern field is set afire annually by the peasants so no delicatas are not found there.

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