Dec 23, 2016

Clued to the Tomba Bodes I took these pictures.....

Chungwei Chen holding on the delicata wall.
Yes, yes...and I got dizzy the moment I looked down.
This is an intrepid friend of mine from Taiwan.
Down there we spot the Pardo River.
Behind my Taiwanese friend ´s  head we see a delicata plant.
No we did not touch any. No plant was removed.
We hardly coud hold a camera or a smarthphone and stand a bit safe on the vertical wall.

 Under my point of view this is  the best picture I took in years.

 The  Pardo River and the place where Dyckia delicatas where 
first found looks  so small from  up and high the Tomba Bodes.
Above we can see the crop area has climbed the mountain too.

The signal points out the holy type spot.
Picture taken from the Tomba Bodes.


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