Nov 8, 2016

Here we shall follow a vist to the Dyckia hebdingii field

Yes, this was growing happily amid the pasture.
cattle keeps the grass shortcut and the cows relish on the slender juicy  flower stalks. 
Here no flower stalk grows to form seeds. Cattle eagerly feed on them

 Clenilson Souza was there with Vilson Müeller and me.
It was November 08th,2016. Two days  back from today.

Here you can see the grass covered rock. 

Notice variations are clearly visible. 
The  green ones, the blue ones and the chalk white small one.

Two forms living close together!!!!!

Have you ever imagined something like this?

Compare sizes, I wear 7,5 " gloves.

 On the bare rock? No, almost. There is moss and debris in there to form a fine substrate.
 Super white ones!

They are not alone!!!!

 A rosed beauty.

 Sharing quarters.

 Clenilson Souza and the paradisiac landscape.

 A rosed seedling, a rare event.

Cacti and Dyckias, they love the very same environment.


 Can you see some differences

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