Nov 12, 2016

Dyckias are not alone on the rocks....

A nearby tree, Siningia forbesii and bromeliads


 A wild tobacco and Clenilson´s legs.


Grasses, this one is now as tie a goat grass for is it disgusting even to a goat.

 Soon it will fly, fly away and turn this world a better place to all of us.

This weird creature is me, a stranger in Paradise.
 Araucaria paranaensis

A Tradescantia

 Who is who here?

 A liliacea, zypheranthus?

 Clenilson Soares

 This one is me.

 Herbs and cacti.


Stray cattle feed on the slender tender young flower Dyckia stalks! 

 Shrubs, columnar cacti and more.....

Urutau (Nyctibius) chicks. 
They relay on they perfect camouflage to survive but I almost stepped on them.



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