Dec 29, 2012

Clearing note on Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

Of course this plant is not just one and a half years old!!!
This plant was named after Liz Taylor one and a half year old the day Liz died.
For it to have  being named it must be  already a beautiful seedling.

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

is a hybrid made by me, I used  a non described native to SantaCatarina plant and a Dyckia ledlicata rubra.
The non described plant was a Dyckia magnifica (a name I adopted while this plant is described).
The plant was made the day Elizabeth Taylor passed away. This day a friend from Santa Monica California was here Mr. Nels. He had met the actress ant talked to here many times.
I told him this hybrid will me named Liz Taylor and will be as spectacular as her.
It was  March 23, 2011.

Obs: we and nobody else can make a  Dyckia plant in one day only. 
Not even in one and a half year .
 We are not God!!!
The day Liz died I named the plant after her.
  They were already beautiful  young seedlings.

An evil minded "man" wants to fool people around the world using my plants and my name. and earn profits on this

He wants to fool you as he is used to this, he fooled myself. He is a master on this matter.
 He never, not even in dreams set a foot in Brazil land.
I guided  German and American men to the delicata spot in nature.
People of Science and extremely trustable ones
They took just pictures from there!!!

See Die Bromelie, ISSN 0724/0155.
This is the German most prestigious magazine on Bromelidae.
This magazine brings a vast report of one of those trips to delicatas.
There are lots of pictures there.

I sent some of those seeds to a "friend" in USA.
This guy is selling and sold some to Southeast Asia as being Dyckia delicata 
and a madly pupping one.


The wonderful  Dyckia hb Liz Taylor does!


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  1. Indeed there are so many evil men and they all seem to congregate around you Constantino. What a coincidence!