Apr 26, 2012

Dyckia estevesii
...in its new and roomy room. 

Space is vital  to this beauty plant..ample room will  allow the plant to show its real royal beauty.
This is a prostrated one plant in its habits and one must favor this when keeping this beauty under culture.

All plants around the world are absolutely the very same plant. 
There is no deviation , no variety ´cause the plant does not reproduce itself by seeds! 

All , each and any estevesii around the globe is the very same plant simply because it is reproduced only by sprouts.This assures  the sameness.
The differences we may see are related to culturing differences or local climate.
They may be smaller, bigger, greener, chestnut colored but they are the exact very same plant.

We can see a wonderful bi or trigeneric fan shaped one  created in Thai by Stephania but that is not a Dyckia estevessi and not even a Dyckia anymore...meanwhile a most  splendorous plant.

Dyckia estevesii can present a several meters long snake like and prostrated trunk with hundreds of sprouts and as many fan heads...a true show plant.

The main heads can present one meter wide fans.
The plant is an impotent one and we do not see this ´cause people remove the sprouts to share or sell them.

Attempts have being made in order to mass reproduce this beauty.
It is just a question of time  for the labs around the world  find out the correct procedure. Gems taken from The basal floral bractea showed interesting results already.

Mass lab reproduction is a common place almost everywhere by now.
A plant only needs to be a commercial one to turn into a disposable one we know as table plants.
One buys it and discharges it when it does not interest or fades away. This already happened to orchids, tulips, violets and so on and on...


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