Apr 24, 2012

Dyckia goehringii  X  Dyckia stolonifera

Two rarities got together in my garden to produce this  interesting plant.
Stolons, aerial ones can be seen here.
Goehringii is also stoloniferous plant, it produces giant stolons and you can see here too.
Goehring  makes all the best to send its progeny  as far as possible from the mother  plant canopy.


Dyckia goehringii

Dyckia stolonifera
 Dyckia stolonifera was found in Mato Grosso do Sul close to a  main highway which construction almost eradicated the plant from nature. Meanwhile the plant already existed under cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul. The plant was already found by the famous  Brazilian bromeliad lover Father Raulino Reitz, He made a trip do Mato Grosso ( At that time there was just one Mato Grosso state, today it was parted in two: Mato Grosso  and Mato Grosso do Sul) and found this plant and also Dyckia coximensis.
Back to Santa Catarina wher he lived he send some  new found plants to a friend, a medical doctor in Rio Grande do Sul, Dr. Jones Caldas (Dyckia jonesiana) and the plant can be seen ander cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul. This plant won´t stand continuous hot weather as much as Dyckia reitzii.
I have seeds!!!

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