Apr 21, 2012

Dyckia hb Brittle Star by Bill Baker
...a gift from Steve Balls a Bill´s close friend.
One of the most spectacular gifts  in my entire life.
...a lifetime one.

Brittle Star just divide crowns and do not emit basal nor lateral sprout.
The only mean to get new very same legitimate plants is by crown divisions and this is a very
dangerous procedure as we can end up with nothing instead or two plants.
This plant  came already divided and in November 2009 and now one of its crowns is dividing also as
you can notice here below.

Some Dyckia never or hardly ever emit a lateral sprout no matter what you do to get one.
Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana is so.

Below we see Brittle Star pictures early in the morning this Saturday when the plant was covered by the autumnal morning dew. This revealed the colors and faded the scales. 

I have seeds but they will never lead to this look, maybe even better but never the same.
I love this intriguing imposition as it defies me and also makes me wonder....

Notice how wet  it is..this is a normal happening here in the South these Autumnal days...dew and fog are common place.

No, no..you won´t find any treasure amid the basal old leaves...
...I searched for one  uncountable times....


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