Jul 24, 2018

Yes, the tiniest Dyckia species has name, a valid one: Dyckia pampeana


Dyckia pampeana

Yes, the tiniest Dyckia species on Earth just got a valid name!

Dyckia pampeana is just  described!!

The author is the young Brazilian Botanist HENRIQUE MALLMAN BÜNECKER.
Henrique, a friend of mine, is a brilliant  Brazilian young Gaucho botanist as Dyckia pampeana is also. Pampa is a Southernmost Brazilian field which vegetation is getting well known bnow and Dyckia pampeana makes part of it. Dyckia pampeana produces many, many stolons and is a ground cover. Sheep breeding almost vanished Dyckia pampeana off the Earth. It is a threatened species and today can  be found in Japan thanks to some very very very enthusiast Dyckia lovers.

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