Jul 25, 2018

Dyckia sp Morro Dom Bosco, Apiúna-SC is blooming



Dyckia sp Apiunensis

(This name is a proposed one)

This Vale do Itajaí (Santa Catarina) non described lady is blooming by the very first time under cultivation.
It grows and very very steep area on the North face of the downtown Apiúna-SC Dom Bosco Hill (in fact a huge rock, a granite monolithic one). We do not managed to get to the flowering plants due to the very steep  granitic wall they live on.
We know the flowers are pretty yellow and well opened.
- Santa Catarina is the second Southernmost Brazilian State
- Itajaí River is the biggest river in Santa Catarina and Vale do Itajaí is Itajaí Valley a very rich and full of small town area in the central area of Santa Catarina.
-Apiúna is a very small town by the Itajaí River
-Morro dom Bosco is a huge solitary granite rock within this small town.

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