Feb 16, 2017

Dyckia paraensis,a jewel from de Brazilian Amazonian region.

Dr. Walter Kranz and his gift to me:
A friend of mine and most probably the most prestigious Dyckia connoisseur used to say: "Constantino, you should see Dyckia paraensis, first sprout is yours. I shall bring it to you."
Dr. Walter Kranz has visited more Dyckia in nature than any in the whole world. He adores species and his knowledge  on Dyckia would fill a library. I always tell him I love beauty no matter  from where and hybrids play a big role in that. He always laughs respectfully.
More than once he advised me:" you should have Dyckia paraensis!"
Well, a bit more than a year ago Dr. Kranz brought me a tiny sprout and said: "This is a challenge to you for I do not think this is going to thrive."
Now, here it is:

Breathtaking beautiful
Weird looking

This is a single isolated specimen, one must see a  group of these beauties....

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