Feb 22, 2017

A super white FAN Dyckia sp, not yet named

This is a beauty no doubt.
Yes, fanned one and ye, a super white one!
This  plant was badly kept and shows many bald areas do to heavy rain exposition.
Its scales are so big and loose, rain and strong winds remove them easily.
This is a plant to be kept under cover.
it does resembles Dyckia pottiorum and Dyckia mirandiana but its flowers are quite different from both pottiorum and mirandiana.

 As one can see it is a rubra form one. 
Its basal sprouts  turn to fan shape as they grow.

Here above and bellow one can notice its rich scale dusting.
A friend of mine in Japan told it looks like  sugar dusting and in fact it does look.

Here the plant is repotted being transferred to a shallow dish like  pottery.

I tried to recreate the Central Brazil Cerrado landscape to please the plant and my eyes.

The researcher (Bahia State University) who gave it to me said it is found this way.
Here it is kept under  special care and observed closely.
Now I must provide a protection from the rain.
I do believe this is bond to be spectacular.

From up above we can see the sprouts begin to get fan shaped.

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