Oct 23, 2016

Dyckia monticola var arco-íris, a variegated alpine Dyckia

Natural variegated plants are extremely rare and the arco-íris type is  even rarer to be found.
this is a monticola plant  and a true alpine one.

Ok, they are not gorgeous now, or not nearly as fantastic as they really are for they are still getting used to the cultivation rules. It may take more than a year for it to show all its beauty.

We got seed pods and they are getting ripe. Possibly we shall have variegated seedlings.
We have much to understand about variegation on Dyckias. 

Above one can notice the many white scales in the center of the plant.
They are still there for the heavy rains could not remove them 
as they are well protected there by the plant leaves.

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