Oct 30, 2016

Dyckia monticola arco-iris variegated, and alpine Brazilian Dyckia

 I am so proud of being capable of deserving these beauties....
They were found  (By Dr. Vilson Müeller and Dr. Alexandre Kinas) late Autumn on the very very top of a high mountain here in the South (1700 meters high). This is an extreme alpine Dyckia and it is used to temperatures way bellow freezing, snow and icicle. People are used to see a tropical Brazil but here on top of our South uphills mountains one can experiment freezing cold times.
Also I show it quite often to show you their progress.
I am sure they will be much better looking in some months to come.

This coffee colored enamelled  Vietnamese ceramic pot caught my eyes and heart. 
A Royal real throne to a Queen of the Brazilian mountains.

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