Aug 25, 2016

Notes on the xhantic ou flava Dyckia plants...

I just posted some yellowish plants, These are know as Flava individuals. They are normally observed amid green species plants. In nature  some large populations tend to show them.
We once took this as a bad nutrition consequence or  dying plants or sick ones.
Ons other visits to those populations we noticed the very same individuals were there and they qere paler and yellower than the others and they were blooming happily too iundicating thewy were healthy ones. Here what we found out:

A - This happens or is noticeble just amid green plants populations.
B - The yellowish gets even more accentuaded during mid summer.
C - Plants must be in full Sun.
D - Not flava plants may live side by side with the flava ones  and being  sole green all over.
E - This is not lack of nutrients.
F -  This plants are healthy and they bloom as the green ones.
G - The color of their petals are normally paler than the green ones partners.
H - Their seeds are paler too and one can readly observe this.
I  -  These plants tend to be smaller and stuckier than their green counterpart ones.
J  -  They are very conspicuous when amid their green collegues in field and when one can spot them right away.
K -  I´ve seen them amid populations of Dyckia encholirioides, brevifolia, Tabaí sp, Apiunensis sp. And also amida crossings using these plants I just mentioined as dyckia hb Naked Lady (D. encholirioide X D. brevifolia).
L - All flava plants can be well distinguised year around. they get green under very weak sun or shadowed. This is to compensate the less energy taken from the light.
M- I observed this amid green Encholirium plants too. 

Now you can see some of these jewels on the following posts:


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