Aug 24, 2016

A unique Dyckia encholirioides....

Some very beautiful specimen of Dyckia encholirioides has being found here Northeastern in Santa Catarina Brazilian south state. all large populations no matter animals or plants them may  show some weird looking individuals. These are  the ticked to the future of one species as the environment is always changing and defying all "perfect" individual plant or animal. Perfection does not last long in nature. this is the way evolution works.
is a very special plant and a weird looking one. It lacks many of the spines the "perfect" ones show. This one also does not grow big or as big as the others around it in nature and it presents a pale shade a yellow instead of green.
At first Dr. Vilson Müeller and me we thought it was something lacking in its nutrition but cultivated individuals , well fed ones continued to show the very same characteristics.  The plant also sprouts laterally very effusively. We do not find this in "normal perfect" encholirioides plants.

This was found on a small rocky sea island close to the main land.
It resembles the American Hybrid Dyckia hb Naked Lady. Naked lady has no lateral spines and it can be found in yellowish shade too and it also sets many lateral sprouts. But Naked Lady is D. encholirioides and Dyckia brevifolia hybrid.

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