Mar 19, 2016

Yes, Dyckia goehringii, one of the very best looking varieties

Yes, Dyckias are not like lambs once you saw one of the same variety you saw all. 
Today we found out there are remarkable variations amid species and even amid varieties.
This is more than just plausible for Dyckias are adjusting to the most instable places in nature.
Dyckia are colonizers, settlers on the rock.
They turn rocks a more hospitable place.
They gather material for the tress to settle down and once the forests arrives Dyckias simply die in shadow for they are creatures of the light.
Absolutely equal looking Dyckias are nothing more than clones.
Species vary, same species individual may  show different looks and frequently they do.

Yes, all legitime  pure Dyckia goehringii species!

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