Sep 10, 2015

Dyckia Brittle Star cutting attacked by fungus

This is a Dyckia Brittle Star cutting attacked by fungus. 
High air humidity makes Tillandsias happy and Dyckias get sick. 
It is already treated and safe. 
Notice the dentition of the new formed leaves and compare them to the ones on the old leaves.
Dyckia are all well armed and equiped to fool us all.

Fungus are opportunistic creatures.
This plant was attacked for it was a cutting and had no roots.
Now this marvel has plenty of roots and was treated with systemic antifungal drugs.
these substances are all well dangerous and must be dealt with wisdom and knowledge and ability.
Remember, you are the most precious being in your garden, take care.
do not deal with dangerous substances without being able to.
Hire a agronomist help, do not do this by yourself!!
If you don't have how to use these agrotoxic substances use your own expertise. Fungi hates aeration. Transfer your beloved plant to a sunny and well ventilated spot.
Notice some weeds never get attached by fungus. make a juice out of them and use it on the plant, drown the plant completely in this juice.
Fungus will die.


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