Nov 6, 2013

Dyckia reitzii rubra Fortaleza 

Controlled hand self pollinated seeds are getting ready.
The new seed list is about to be published.
Dreams, many new dreams.
Species never seen before, controlled pollination, crosses,  well guided ones ...

Seeds never once offered.
Small ones, narrow leafed ones, broad leafed, ribbon like ones, red, silver, yellow, green,
wine, silver white, deep red, big ones, straight leafed, bended leafed, silver iced leaves, stripped, red spines, black spines,  long ones, curved ones, small, numerous, huge ones, pure white underleaves, green, red, silver ones, yellow flowers, orange, red, wine flowers .......many, many one never saw nor even dreamed about.
 I am proud to announce this. I took me months to prepare it, plan it, make it irresistible and more: dreamy. 

It evolved trips to many many thousands of kilometers of dust roads, climbing hills and mountains, canyons, cascades, rivers where crossed on foot. Snakes, scorpions, spiders, mosquitoes all in the middle of nothing.
I faced ice cold weather, snow and frosts. I made friends, found wonderful people,I walked on horseback, made meals in peasants table, embraced people I am proud to have met. I missed  my wife, my dogs, my plants and I thought of you...
I am almost ready to publish this wonderful, magic, dreamy seed list.

 See, Dyckia reitzii rubra Fortaleza type self hand pollinated seeds.


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