Nov 18, 2013

Dyckia brevifolia subidensis

Raulinoa echinata and Dyckia brevifolia subidensis.

Notice the grandeur of this landscape.
It is brevifolia subidensis home.
Notice the driftwood left by the last August floods.
You can also spot an Australian pine tree in the other side of the river and some eucalyptus.
Dyckias are in full bloom.
Pictures taken yesterday, less than 14 hours ago.


The small bush here is a Raulinoa echinada endemic to this area only.
It was described and named by Pe.Raulino reitz!!


This is a more modern bridge. This  site is a canyon. The river and the major road and an old railway pass amid mountains. Brevifolias live here where the water are always white and nervous.

This bridge is very old.
My mother lived close by and used to tell me when she and my elder sister were 
there at the inauguration  festivity.
This was 1932. I was born in 1954.


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