Jul 9, 2011

Dyckia sp noelii

Dyckia sp noelii
This is species and under the process of description.
Noeli is the name  of the woman and plant lover who found the plant in nature

We suspect this plant is a Dyckia dusenii affinis in spite Dyckia dusenii lives some 300km North from this beauty home.
This is native to Santa Catarina Northeast uphills.
It is used to freezing cold winters and also some severe frosts when the temperature
go down below freezing.
Leaves are true colored year around and the underleaves are much endumented.
What means an endumented underleaf in a Dyckia?
This is a very useful trick when the dry times come.
The plant uplifts its leaves protecting the growing point.
doing so it  shows the silvery endumented underleaves to the Sun and also inable the plant to get humidity from the dew with much more efficiency.
In nature nothing is for nothing! Every detail has a practical meaning...

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