Jul 11, 2011

The Dyckia Royal marriage!

Dyckia Bill Paylen

These are  among the most spectacular, desired and sought after hybrid Dyckias
of all times. They are Bill Baker´s masterpieces!
They are blooming here in my garden thanks to Steve Ball a Bill Baker´s friend and 
plant club collegues...a gift to kings!
These plants here are spectacular and in pristine conditions and both are about blooming.
Some of the most unique hybrids came from Thes two plants alone, Dyckia Bucksaw Ripper,
South Bay, Arizona... Now imagne the two together..
Californians were the first to keep and hybridize Dyckias and the most spectacular hybrids are there or originated from those in there.
Now a tribute to Bill Baker and a thanks to Steve Ball is about to happen here...here in Brazil, the Land of Dyckias.
this here is a roll of miracles, like bids in a rosary they  hpped one by one under the wish of a superior power we may call....God.
- I did not buy these plants!
- They were gifts!
- They got to Brazil in seven days..a record!
- They made in without  problems.
- They loved the climate and my treatment.
- They a pairing blooms...
 Dyckia Steve Ball is about to exist!!! About to come out my mind...out from God´s best wishes of luck to me...
Thank you Steve!
Also, both  these plants will  have some flowers polinated  with Dyckia delicata pollen.

Dyckia Brittle Star

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