Sep 25, 2019

Let us know a bit more about one of the prettiest plants on Earth, Dyckia brevifolia:

Dyckia brevifolia ( Latin for short leafed)

This wonder of nature is native to my Brazilian State, Santa Catarina , the second southernmost Brazilian State. We have snow in winter on the highest parts and frosts mild to severe are not uncomon where  this beauty lives. It is a reophitic one and lives close to the Itajaí river water so she is always safe from deep cold as the fast running waters prevent the temperature to go freezing on Dyckias plants. I was born, 1954, in Rio do Sul where the Itajaí river begins from the meeting of Itajaí do Norte river and Itajaí do Sul river. Dyckia brevifolia begin to appear some 36 km down the flowing from Rio do Sul. It first  appears where the river cascates in a place known as Subida in Apiúna County  and can be seem where the river runs fast amid rocks til Blumenau the biggest city by this  beautiful river. 

Brazil map and its States 
the dot represents where is Dyckia brevifolia place .

Santa Catarina map and where Dyckia brevifolia can be found.

From Subida to Blumenau, this is where one can see Dyckia brevifolia in nature.

This picture says almost all on Dyckia brevifolia and the word rheophyte. See the beautul clumps ont the rocks close to the fast white waters. This plant shares it habitarwith another  rheophytic plant Raulinoa echinata, it is a small bush and it lives on the very same conditions so they can be found living together Pe.Raulino Reitz studied both plants .

During floods all Dyckias keep submerged for weeks .

Flowers stalks are emerging...

A new clump is forming

New plants prove the habitat is preserved

Here they grow amid Raulinoa echinata. 

Some plants are clearly xanthochromic.

Dragwood brought by the latest flood.

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