Apr 27, 2017

Heavens are for the weirdest.....

 Dyckia fosterian robustior defecta

 Dyckia monticola

 Dyckia encholirioide

 Dyckia fosteriana Sengés

Dyckia hb Naked lady (encholirioiude X brevifolia)

Large populations keep big surprises. Some have a very few spines, some are dwarfened, some are hairy, toothy, giants... Would them be well kept leftovers of a long ago passed time?
We know the future is not granted by the very same individuals but the
special ones, the different ones, the rare, weird and the rudiculous. Nothing stands still, everything changes, the planets change. Survives those the faster stand the cold or the cool times, those that fly higher or burry deeper, those with an accute sight, those that run faster, or with a thick coat, thos better disguisedto predators, the mimetic ones, narrowest leafed or the broadest ones, big brains...well the possibilities are endless. There is no certainty nor perfection in nature and less yet eternity!!!! The more perfect and well addapted lesser are theirs the changes to reach future. It is the strange, the weird the thicket to heavens!!!!!!!

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