Sep 5, 2016

Three year old seeds!!!!!!!!

 Just 9 days after being sown!

I was up to discharge these seeds,  the tag said Sptember 2013 but...
it said more:"Fantastic Brittle Star seeds."
Oh ...fantastic!!! This deserves a try.
In fact it would be a test a experience and see it.

I am sure 1005 of the fertile one is germinating.
The seedlings will be transplanted one by one to a larger container till they are 3 month old.
They will be finally on their own individual quaters.

These seeds were kept in a well thigh caped glass with some silica gel and in a seed refrigerator. (one just for the seeds.)

When these seeds were collected I sown some and this plant here bellow
sprouted from one of these very same seed:

This is Dyckia hb Maria Fogosa

It suffered a tragedy. When this plant was a tiny seedling in late september 2.013 a sparrow  or a wild dove, I can not recall, decided the tray was a perfect place for a dirt dust bathing...
I misericordiously saved some half a dozen and see one of the the resulting seedlings.
So I am luck all those seeds to be germinating.
We shall see when this tray is full green, in some two weeks from today.

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