Feb 26, 2016

Dyckia hb Brittle Star original clone, risks must be taken.

Long ago I got Dyckia Brittle Star original clone from Steve Ball
who live in California and was William Baker´s friend.
Steve keeps in Encino- Ca some of the most spectacular  hybrids in the world
  including the Famous Dyckia hb Brittle Star original Bill Baker´s clone.
The clone besides spectacular emits no sprouts and its seeds do not  duplicate  its looks.
The only possible way of duplicating  this beauty is by head division.
Divide heads is always risky and fearful.
We deal with  the old wood trunk, a portion supposed to stay untouched.

So after many years and much anxiety I removed one head of a
 four headed old plant last year and it worked fine.
 I show removed one already with roots down bellow here.
Brittle Star is gorgeous when solitary healthy young head.
Having  one safe and rooted plant I got bold enough
 to separate all the three left heads of the bunch.

 The work is far from done. 
Now the exposed tissue must dry a bit and the old leaf axils removed to allow the new roots
to emerge from the trunk.

Here the three  crowns are apart from each other.

Above the fouth crown I separated from the four head clump in 2015.

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