Jan 19, 2016

Dyckia dissitiflora first bloom under cultivation

 Dyckia dissitiflora and Dyckia nervata are synonymous!

This specimen was found in Bahia , Lençóis region by my dear friend Herr Karl Heinz Tank from Neuruppin Germany, two years ago from now.
The plants were literally rescued from a deadly drought and until that nothing we knew about it.
the blooming when under cultivation shows to have a heavier , stronger, taller and branched stalk.
Flower are scented!!!!

A recent one came from Lençóis-Ba specimen and clearly shows signs of extreme suffering as claw like behavior, thin not branched flower stalk.
One would easily state this to be a new species.
The region was assolated by a terible drought for four years and just now firebushes destoyed
most of the area.
This plant proves to have an ample distribution  from North in Minas Gerais to almost all over Bahia state. Its behavior to face droughts is unique and I shall describe it the  next postings here.
This flowers are scented too. 


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