Jun 29, 2015

Dyckia encholirioides var. glabra

Dyckia encholirioides glabra Wilson Müeller

this young and absolutely unexpected plant was found here, Santa Catarina Northeast, by my friend and intrepid botanist Wilson Müeller.
Dyckias have much to tell and show and we just found a tiny bit of them.
Most Dyckias are yet to be seen by the very first time!
This is a yellow is plant ans a marvel in all aspects and under any angle.
Dyckia encholirioides is supposed to present many, many thorns hence its scientific name Encholirioides (full of rage and resembling an Encholirium.)
It was found in a tiny sea island, one and a half nautical mile from the seashore amid a vigorous  normal looking Dyckia encholirioides.


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