Feb 6, 2015

Chesnut colored Dyckia delicata, a Tomba Bodes Hill beauty

Much smaller than the type form this beauty is found in nature close by  the type form one, 
some 250 meters apart in another hill known locally as Tomba Bodes or Tipping Goat Hill.

Dyckias, they surprise us all as they are showing all their possibilities. Dyckias are plants waving good byes to nature. Their role seems to be fulfilled and done so they show all their cards on the table.
The main role of a Dyckia is to bring trees to the top of the giant rocks, to the sandy prairies. Once they achieve this the trees fade them to death.
Dyckias are not easy to be understood if one rid his mind off the old ideas fit for violets. Dyckias are extreme plants and one will only understand them looking around them and searching throught past times and eras.
Dyckias are fit to lure the sun and prune to hold debris (from decayed mosses and liquens) amid roots on bare rocks, they make the proper terrain for other plants to thrive.

Delicatas are a group of plants found amid this crucial transformation. We found them deep within the bushes and there they are big and greener. We find them o top of the immense stone and there they are compact and white and present longer spines. They are foun attached to some rock wall and there they can be colorful as these ones.
We have lots to learn about Dyckias and decidely they are not like vilolets once you see one you saw all. Dyckias surprise you.

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