Nov 3, 2014

Dyckia in a Japanese painting and what a painter!

This is  a Kenya Chida painting.

Mr. Chida  is a plant lover and a painter in Tokyo, Japan.
His work can be seen here:

It is so rare, so unbelivably rare to see a Dyckia as a masterpiece work.
I am very very very honored to show this here.

I dare to say this is the famous hybrid Dyckia Brittle Star made by Bill Baker.
He certainly would be most delighted and honored seeing this.
This painting is forever lasting one and it reveal the magic and the enchantment Dyckia produces on us.
Beauty has a proposal: to make us happy and so doing turn us better human beings.
A painting speaks all languages and may get us all understood.
Thank you Mr. Chida an thanks to Sarah F. Kanirokoba which help made this all possible.

Japanese readers would love to see this:


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