Sep 19, 2014

A white Dyckia reitzii

Dyckia reitzii white

Not long ago we just believed the green ones existed. when some barely rubra appeared we took time to believe too. Well, the truth is most biologists took (or any other who would serve to them) took just the most handy one, those on the side walk.. and talk about side, Dyckias were most of the time a side effect finding from cacti or orchid searchers.
Dyckias are now being taken a bit more seriousy and more have being seen.
This plant here was a seedling when I found it in Aparados da Serra right in between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul Brazilian States.
Reitzii can be almost black, red wine, almost white, green, bronze, pinkish ....
and all found in wilderness!

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