May 21, 2014

The most recent finding. I will tell and show the most recent Dyckia finding. Thisis yesterday, May 21st

These are arenetic rocks. that hole you can see in the rock is the home of a Brazilian native  sting less bee.
The pinus pine ont he right is an intruder plague. It is spreading all over in Santa Catarina State. this Pinus Elliotis was brought from US to be used as material for paper making.
I turned out to be a nonsense in all respects.
This is In Urubici. In winter temperatures can drop way down below and deep bellow freezing.

Wilson Müller, our Indiana Jones found this Dyckia here two years ago and now we show it.
Wilson is a formal botanist fine man and a good friend.
He suffers from multiple sclerosis, this explains the can and does not prevent him from living
all the adventures...
I took this picture, below, yesterday and I like it very much.

The picture below shows where Wilson is in the picture above.
the left tip of this big arenitic calyx.

Look at the scenery way below.


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