Mar 22, 2014

Dr. Jones Caldas (Dyckia jonesiana)
Sit here by his trophy, his smile and his dogs.
Here we have a man of honor, a rarity. He is the one rare and hard to find being on this picture.

 This plant , a Dyckia maritima affinis found by Professor Leopoldo Witeck Neto (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria-RS) in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, nearby wilderness (Caçapava-RS).
This plant was shown and some publications told its history.
e novelty is:
Professor Witeck gave the plant to my friend Dr. Jones Caldas (Dyckia jonesiana) who lives in Porto Alegre here South in Brazil.
Dr. Jonas is a physician and a botanist who was friend of Pe. Raulino Reitz.
This plant is not a variegated one but a chimera! It presents variegation on one side and extreme yellow xantochromic leaves in the opposite one. The offsets will be stunning! We shall have all sort of dreamy plants as pure variegated ones, pure xantochronic ones and more.
This guy here shown is my friend Dr. Jones Caldas.
These pictures were taken under my request by my friend Dennis Cathcart from Tropiflora who just left Brazil this week.
Dyckias may unite friends and people and make living worthwhile and pleasurable.

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