Jun 24, 2010

Dickia fosteriana from Tibagi - Paraná

Dyckia fosteriana - Tibagi-PR
Closely resembles the Southermost variety Dyckia fosteriana nivosa.

Right within one of the plants there was a Tico-tico, Zonotrichia capensis, nest with two spotted eggs.
Tico-tico is the  Brazilian small bird of that famous song Tico-tico no Fubá. A Carmem Miranda most notorious hit.
This small plant is a show and a must for those who like them small.
Dyckia fosteriana do Tico-tico
Tico-tico´s Dyckia fosteriana.

Tico-tico or Zonotrichia  capensis

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  1. Sure LOVE your site guys! I have been starting to buy more dyckias lately.. I have been a landscaper in Fort Lauderdale FL and now live on the golf of mexico near Sarasota where one can grow dyckias outdoors very easily. TROPIFLORA is a fantastic nursery in Bradenton/FL who carries the most impressive varieties for sale. A M A Z I N G ! I didn't realize how many beautiful forms (species and hybrids alike) exist! Im "hooked" !! LOL Serge Grondin
    Port Charlotte, Florida USA