May 28, 2012

To  the viewers, friends, followers and Dyckia lovers:

I will be leaving to São Paulo, some 600 km  up North from Here where I live, this early Tuesday morning, before sunrising.
I will be visiting some Dyckia fellows and plant dealers and collectors as well as 
Botanists and  Botanic institutes, researchers and field collectors.

I shall  be back in Joinville, Santa Catarina where I am now on Friday (June the first).

You may email me and even order  seeds or ask for seed list anytime.
My wife Raquel may take any message until I am back to where I belong and reply to you. 

Thanks and till June the first.



The cream of the cream, the best of the best in classic hybrids

Bill Baker´s Masterpieces under out Brazilian early morning Autumn sunshine.
left: Brittle Star
right: Bill Paylen

Brittle Star is one of those plants we say: out from this plain world.

Bellow we see Bill Paylen

...and guess what?
I do have seeds ..and more are being made as you can see here.


May 27, 2012

 Dyckia braunii


Spectacular and outstanding Bill Baker´s Masterpiece

Dyckia hb Keswick X (Dyckia hb Bill Paylen X Dyckia Arizona)
In fact this is a hybrid Dyckia with no name
In my opinion this should be called:
Dyckia  hb Smiling Mulata



May 26, 2012

Dyckia! ....and species!


Beautiful beast...and Dyckia!

Something to take any´s breath away....



Dyckia hb Tarzana by Bill Baber

It does looks close to Dyckia hb Tarzan also by Bill Baker 


Dyckia sp dussenii affinis native to Northeast Santa Catarina

Absolutely gorgeous non described  Dyckia species native to Northeast Santa Catarina uphills.
It does takes some frosts!

seeds are available under request.


May 25, 2012

Dyckia hb Dancing Dervish


My BBB+BB Dyckia

Big, Bold,Beautiful and Blueand a Beast

..and notice this is a Dyckia and will never die  for having bloomed...

I stands frosts and temperatures well bellow freezing. Never dies and blooms  wonderfully till the end of times. Imagine it in a rocky garden......a precious gem!
Never, never once  lived outside Brazil!
The flower stalk is huge and laterally set a Dyckia, of course.
The  flower stalk seems like a yellow foam as thousands and thousands of tiny yellow flowers open.

Soon (around August) I will offer seeds...the first time in history!!!


Dyckia hb toothy Wolfgang



Dyckia speciosa

Seeds are available under request


Dyckia tuberosa

Seeds are available under request


Dyckia goehringii



Dyckia excelsa

Beginners and newcomers to the Dyckia world 
would take this as an Encholirium flower stalk.


Dyckia hb Guerrero by Bill Baker
Guerrero is warrior in Spanish and  was named after a Bill´s Cuban helping hand.



May 24, 2012

Dyckia sp from Cachoeira do Apiacás- Mato Grosso
A Amazonian species.

Flowers are  colorful...


Dyckia dawsonii Bill Baker clone.
One spectacular plant


Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

"I believe in life, and I ´ll fight for it"
                                              Liz Taylor

"You can not possess radiance, you can only admire it."
                                                                    Liz Taylor

" I am going to get at this disease and kill it by its throat"
                                                                               Liz Taylor
"We all have AIDS if one of us does"
                                                        Liz Taylor

" I´ve never had a acting lesson.
Everything I´done I invented"
                                  Liz Taylor



Dyckia hb from São João do Triunfo-Paraná
Species, unnamed!


Dyckia hb Tarzan by Bill Baker

Seeds are available under request


Dyckia pectinata

Pectinata means, like a comb.
Its spines are rubery soft.
Ultra super rare anywhere.