Sep 29, 2018

Dyckia delicta type form and Dyckia delicata aff

 Dyckia delicata type form - Barros Cassal-RS

 Dyckia delicata aff - Jari-RS

Sep 10, 2018

Dyckia frigida, described 141 years ago.....

Frigida flowers stalks would do great as cut flower

Sep 6, 2018

A beauty from up North Goiás

New Dyckias from up North in Goiás

All these habitat pictures are credit and kindness of Fabrício de Oliveira Pereira
a Discocatus lover  from Goiás in Central Brazil.

The region is continuously under severe drought and even grasses perishes and get prune to be afire.
These plants are also burned once in a while and the survive dormant till the rain rescue them.
Their leaf bracts are tightly compact.

these may be a natural hybrid. Dyckia burleimarxii was re found over there too.

 Old dried leaves and grasses are fuel for fires but Dicocatus and Dyckia survive quite well
to them. These plants are well equipped to  survive fires.


Sep 3, 2018

Dyckia sp frigida affinis in Apíúna-SC

Sunday September 02nd, Jorge Luiz Wolff and Vilson Müller both botanists and friends of mine and me we traveled from Joinville-SC where I live to Apiúna-SC where the most beautiful Dyckia flowers are to be seen.. Jorge Luiz Wolff travelled a lot more, some one thousand kilometers. and we could not be  taken  off our plans due to the rainy cold weather and we decided not to give up.
The plant was seen before by Dr.Vilson but not in bloom.

 Vilson took all pictures. I decided to stay warm and safe with the car. I am not in good shape and it was wise to be safe and warm .

Above we see the Dois Bernardi monolitic granite mountain and clusters of Dyckia.
One must cross the forest and climb the slippery and damp wet stone wall, decidedly not for me.

Jorge Luiz Wolff a friend and botanist on his way up pictured by
 the intrepid Vilson Müller.

 First surprise: the flower stalks may be branched.
These plants amid bushes are bigger than those in full sun.

A slippery terrain in a rainy day...

The yellow color is impressive as well as the long flower stalks.

This plant is not yet known  nor described,
we are working on it.

The sulphur yellow flowers are conspicuous amid the bushes.
Some flower stalks presents some branches

 Above we can see in a moist and misty day the Itajaí-açu river and the rice pads
down bellow the hill.

Thse two last pictures were taken by Wolff.


Sep 1, 2018

Firs time ever seen in bloom!!!!!!

Dyckia sp frigida affinis Morro Dom Bosco Apiúna-SC

Notice its flower stalk color, the huge spines.