Dec 31, 2011

Dyckia discoides
...about blooming by the very first time here.

Made by myself...isn´t it pretty?
One of the parents is a Dyckia encholirioides spinosissima.

Dyckia lindelvaldeae

Dyckia delicata aurea (golden form.)

Dyckia delicata aurea

Dyckia cabrerae
Native to Santa Catarina this is another rarity...

My Dyckia hb Bleeding Heart under light rain
isn´t it pretty?

The first and the only Dyckia ibiramensis rubra !!!!!!!!

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra!!!!
The first one you see!!!
Dyckia ibiramensis is native to Ibirama in Santa Catarina where my mother was born.
It is a reofitic species described by Raulino Reitz.
It is extremely rare in nature and  efforts have being made to preserve it.
It grows in three small rocky areas within the Hercílio River white waters.
i sowed thousands of  seeds and got two dark  plants. they are not hybrids!!!
In nature they do not have the chance to appear as it is a miracle a single seed to germinate there.
A big dam was built up stream years ago to prevent floods and this  ruined its habitat and behavior.
Maybe this is the most  important new by my own.
I wish this to be named after my mother, Izabel da Silveira Gastaldi who was born close buy Dyckia ibiramensis habitat:
Dyckia ibiramensis var. Izabel Gastaldi

Dyckia goehringii

The dazzling look of a green beauty...

Dec 30, 2011

Dyckia hebdingii, small multi-leafed southern beauty

...and it shines and glows...yellow glow!

This is a Dyckia sp, a Dyckia still to be found by science.
I simply love it. It is the size of a soccer ball.
Notice the apical third of the leaves edges are spineless...
Notice the symmetric form....

Dyckia alba
Do you remember my golden Xmas tree? Wee, the flowers are all gone 
but the seed pods are all over it..
Alba is a Dyckia species from Morro do Segredo in Caçapava, RS and 
it is one of the rarest plants in Brazil. 

Dec 29, 2011

Hybrid! I myself made it....

Colorful, different, unusual....unexpected....

Dyckia hb Tante

These two hybrids are so stunning beautiful they make me dizzy.

Dyckia hb White Fang

Thre true and only one Dyckia goehringii

This  wonderful plant just passed by a tremendous tropical storm that  removed
most of its scales. It will take quite a while for it to recover an get bach to its splendor.

The original plant is in the center and surrounded by its gorgeous sprouts...

Notice there is nothing of that Coco Chanel wig shaped hybrid plants we see everywhere now.

The stunning hybrid Dyckia goehring i myself made.
Almost a hundred per cent of the hybrid  goehring present this Chanel wig shape.
But the true  goehring is not a Chanel wig shaped plant.

Humm..I bought myself a new  camera and we both are having a turbulent time...
We must to get aquainted to each other and this takes some time.
The stubborn device has a mind of its own and as long as we are arguing
the shots will be a little...experimental and we may miss many.
But I am happy the new camera was given to me by  my Dyckias as they gave their seeds to me
to make me feel better.
All of you who trusted on me..thanks!
Now you can have all the plants I keep and even better looking ones.
If you haven't seen the available seed list you may find it here just scroll down 
the postings to find it.
There you  will find all the direction you ´ll need to  make dreams come true.

Dyckia sp from Lagoão
Leaves look like the beak of those Australian freshwater sharks...
...and the color....

This is the final look of my Dycka hb bleeding heart .
this is a hybrid I made myself and already shown  it here....
Dyckias are fascinating...we can make them even better ourselves, no mystery.

I love the shaping and the color on this pretty hybrid I made. 
The green ones always take my eyes and heart.

Dec 28, 2011

Dyckia sp discoides... a Santa Catarina native beauty.

It is to be described....I think this is one of the best looking Dyckias.

It is about blooming by the very first time here....

It is quite a sensation to follow a new found Dyckia blooming by the very first time....

A love this plant and it seems it likes my treatmant...
What a feast to the eyes! Blooms in profusion....

Soon it will move to a decent pot...

This is the most effective Dyckia delicata pollinator...

Dec 27, 2011

See the impressive flat and opposing dishes of Dyckia delicata type form rubra crowns....
Notice the  flower stalks  are  getting visible....

In my opinion this is one of the most spectacular plants on Earth ....