Mar 21, 2010

Why am I crazy about Dyckias?

Why do Dyckias allure me?
...for many reasons I am fascinated by Dyckias: 

They are new and brand new:
Until  2000 we just knew 132 Dyckia species and we believed that was all.
No way! The lazy science says now 136 but in fact and in nature they must be more than 1.000!
More than a thousand species.
This means most of them your eyes never set on. You never saw them even in pictures.
You can name many... but please, do not name any with your name or you siblilings or offspring names or your pet names nor your lover name nor you friend´s name nor yopur toucan´s name or your parrots´s or monkey´s name. Save your beloved canary from this..and of course, we us all.
Use you mind and skills and save us all from that and use Latim, please. 
So Dyckias represent the new and the brand new in Botanics.

Their behavior is unique:
They do things in order to stay close to their lover  The Sun you would never know.
They  reabsorb their own roots. They fold their leaves into gutter like structures.
They uplift their leaves to face sun with The reflective surfaces of the underleaves.
They change colors.
They make a gel in wich nutrients are  kept for the migger times. The succulent upper leaves are all juice.
The cloroplasts are touched by the Sun just after passing through this layer of gel, filtering UV and IR rays.
They live on places nothing dares to live.They live on the bare nude rocks where they bit by bit  they make their own substrate.
The older leaves all touch the rock and hold any decayed organic baterial the water or wind or  gravity may bring to them.

They bloom and flower many, many,many times up to endlessly:
Dyckias blooming time is a time to rejoyce and not for mourning like thos plants that blooming represent death.
Flowers are for fun! Dyckias are not bye-bye plants!
Their blooming  is not a farewell to life but a celebration of life.
Dyckias are just like diamonds: forever!

They come in every size and color and shape:
They go from huge to tiny plants. From red to almost black, yellow, gold, uncountable greens, blues and silveries. Leaves may be like narrow ribbons to fair broad ones. They  may be fiercy armed with huge spines like hooks to almost toothless.
They may be round as balls or flat as dishes with all the intermediary shapes and forms.

They hybridize promtly:
They are mad about sex and always the nextdoor is more attractive.
Being sex maniacs they allow us to many and endless possibilities.
The hybrids are more nature protector then you might think.
Hybrids are fantastic plants!!!!

They can cope with freezing cold to almost boiling situations:
They live way down below zero to almost 60 degrrees Centigrades.
The rock surface around a Dyckia may get to  boiling point!

They feed trought some different means:
They feed by their roots and by their stomata on the undersides of the leaves.
They are are CAM plants.

They are my Land plants...
They are wild here where I live and love and dream and learn and get sad and sorry and also get
proud of having friends just like you.

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